I am a bookbinder and I love books. I see so many damaged and discarded old books that have little market value and therefore do not warrant hours of repair. However they are too nice to end up in the recycling bin. Rebinding them to give them a new lease of life is less time consuming and has more appeal to the new owner. I keep the covers, spine where salvagable as a bookmark and some inside pages of interest. They are then spiral bound with a chunky silver/brass effect wire including sheets of good quality (150 gsm) cartridge paper for the new owners notes or drawings. Each book is unique. They make fantastic gifts ...if you don't end up keeping them for yourself!

UK packing and postage starts at £4.  Please contact via info@vintagenotebook.com for non UK postage charges.

If you have a special book you would like to have given the vintagenotebook treatment you can send it to me and I am happy to convert. Costs - £8 for a small book, £12 for an annual size, plus return postage

If you are a USA customer have a look at www.gabblehatch.com

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